Population Economics 01:220:477 Fall 2021
BigBlueButton (BBB)

BBB is built into SAKAI.
 It magically appears when you join a meeting under the MEETINGS tab in the left column.
Class schedule: Monday and Wednesday 5:00PM-6:20PM. Lectures are in-person.  However, for online meetings we will use the meetings tab in SAKAI.  

For online meeetings pliease click on the meetings tab in the left column of your SAKAI course home page. A list of upcoming meetings will be posted. Please join tby clicking on the appropriate meeting. This will seamlessly open BBB.  For individual or small group meetings please join with your audio on or be ready to turn it on when needed. For individual or small meetings it is your choice whether to connect with video or without.

If it is necessary to have online lectures, for example if we have a blizzard in early November, please join
without video and without microphone. If you have questions please post it in chat. Public chat discussion is allowed. Please keep to the course material. It is difficult for me to monitor the chat, but when I take pauses I will see if there is anything I need to insert into the discussion. We can experiment on turning audio on for questions and discussion, but hopefully we will not have the opportunity to experiment.  Please join the meeting at the appropriate time.

Attendance may be taken at random times during random classes throughout the semester. I do not require attendance. I have found that there is a strong positive correlation between attendence and performance in the class. I do not record the lectures.
Office hours: Office Hours with our TA,  Altug Yildiz <ay319 at economics.rutgers.edu> will be online from 12:00 to 1:00PM on Wednesdays. If you are not able to make it at this time please email him and arrange a mutually convenient time. will set up regular times of office hours. You may also email Prof. Gang  <gang at rutgers.edu> with questions and to set up online appointments.  Meetings will be in BBB (Big Blue Button, this is the Meetings tab on our Sakai page): Go to Sakai/Meetings/Office Hours to join office hours.

For tech help with  Sakai, please visit https://it.rutgers.edu/help-support.