Population Economics 01:220:477 
Rutgers University, Professor Ira N. Gang, Email: gang at rutgers.edu Include 477 in the subject line

Graded Elements of the Course: there are four (4) graded assessments
1. Exercise 03 on population pyramids Due by 11PM via email on Sunday 19 SeptemberImportant: Exercise will count for 20% of Exam 01 grade.
2. Exam 01 on PRB "Population: an Introdoction to Demography". Monday 04 October on Sakai. Additional material Exercise 02 and Exercise 03.
 [90 minute  exam during period 12:05AM to 11:55PM on Monday 04 Oct on Sakai]
3. Exam 02. Monday 08 November on Sakai. Most like on syllabus Part 1: Overview. Material, Lectures, Key slides, Exercises 02 03, relevant parts of sample exam, Maybe through Data in Population Economics.  [90 minute  exam during period 12:05AM to 11:55PM on Monday 08 Nov on Sakai]
4. Exam 03 (Final Exam), Monday 20 December on Sakai. Up to 60 multiple choice questions. The final exam is COMPREHENSIVE. [3 hour exam during the period 12:05AM to 11:55PM on Monday 20 December on Sakai. Note the officially scheduled time, Monday 20 December 4:00PM to 7:00PM, is included in this time span.

Your grade in the course will be based your performance on examinations and the population pyramid exercise. For purposes of grading the population pyramid exercise is part of Exam 01 and worth 20% of that exam.

Each of the three (3) exams will be scaled to 100%.  I will apply six different weighting schemes.  You will receive the letter grade based on your best of six
schemes. The six schemes in the format [%1st exam, %2nd exam, %Final] are: (1) [30, 30, 40]; (2) [20, 40, 40]; (3) [40, 20, 40]; (4) [40, 40, 20]; (5) [15, 05, 80]; and (6) [05, 15,80]. I do not plan on giving make-up exams.  

To calculate your grade, take the highest of your six weighted grades and  look at the chart below.
Conversion of points received during the semester into final course grade.
Percentage of total points (p) Grade you will receive
p greater than or equal to 85% A
p greater than or equal to 80% but below 85% B+
p greater than or equal to 70% but below 80% B
p greater than or equal to 65% but below 70% C+
p greater than or equal to 60% but below 65% C
p greater than or equal to 50 % but below 60% D
p below 50% F
Please note there is no rounding with the grades.  For example, an 84.99 is a B+, not an A.