Note for guests (people without Rutgers NetIDs): If someone has added you to a Sakai site with your email address, you should get an email with your initial password. If you didn't get the email, the last section of the Forgot your password page will let you request another email.

Login help for Rutgers users

Rutgers users should always login with their NetID, not an email address. The NetID is the name that you use to login to the computer labs, email, etc. The password for Sakai is the same as the password for those systems.

There is no @ in your NetID. E.g. if your email address is, your NetID is simply smith.

Creating a NetID

If you haven't created a netid yet, see Creating an OIT Account and NetID.

Once you have created a NetID, it will take up to 30 minutes for Sakai to recognize it. In exceptional cases, a new NetID might not work until the next morning.

If you aren't sure whether you have a NetID or not, use Creating an OIT Account and NetID, and go through the process to create a new NetID on your campus. If you already have a NetID, you will see the message "Your username has already been established as NNNN" after you have entered you name, SSN, etc. NNNN is your NetID.

Login problems

The error message "invalid login" means that either your NetID or your password is wrong. If you think you have a password longer than 8 characters, try the first 8 characters.

If you need help with your NetID, please contact your campus help desk.

Login help for non-Rutgers users

NOTE: Non-Rutgers users have an email address as their guest user ID. To login, type that guest ID / email address into the "User id" box, along with the password in the password box.

Sakai allows anyone with an Internet email address to have a guest account. If you are a Rutgers faculty, staff or student please don't do this — use your NetID instead.

New guest accounts can only be created by site owners.  For example, if you are working on a project at Rutgers that is using Sakai, the owner of that project's worksite would add you as a guest user to the worksite.   

Getting added by a site owner

When you are added to a site, you should get an email from Sakai stating that you have been given a guest account and added to the site. That email has your guest username, which is simply your email address, and an initial password.  Upon logging into Sakai for the first time, you will be presented with a screen asking for your first and last name.  It will also ask you to enter a new password (one that you can remember) for the guest account. 

If you believe the owner has created an account for you, but you didn't get the email, please check your spam folder. If you have lost the email, you can use the process for forgotten passwords.

If you change the e-mail address that Sakai uses to contact you, the username you log into sakai with will still be the e-mail address you registered the account with.

If you have problems logging in

If you see "invalid login", either your user ID is invalid or you have typed the wrong password.

If you cannot remember your password, click Forgot your password

For additional help, please contact