Reed Solomon LabVIEW Implementation

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There are two components to this project's implementation: 1. Reed Solomon Encoding in the transmitter end and 2. Reed Solomon Decoding in the receiver end. All software implementation was done in LabVIEW. Testing was performed in software using a simulator and in hardware using the NI USRP software defined radio. For this project's purposes, the Reed-Solomon code generator polynomial is based on RS(255,239). However, for most testing, the shortened code of RS(32,16) is used by populating the initial 239 to 16 symbols with zeros. Click on the rectangles in the flowchart to view the LabVIEW block diagram of each function.

The relevant project VIs can be found here. Note that is the highest top-level VI.


Reed Solomon Encoding


reed solomon transmitterreed solomon encoding bits to symbols reed solomon encoder symbols to bits encoder block galois field multiplier galois field adder Image Map




Reed Solomon Decoding

Reed Solomon Decoding Bits to Symbols Reed Solomon Decoder Symbols to Bits Error Correction Block Strip Parity Symbols Syndromes Calculation Berleykamp's Algorithm Chien Search Omega Calculation Forney's Algorithm Receiver Image Map



Prepared by Amulya Kattimani, a Rutgers ECE undergraduate student